Since 1998 TRON «Construction Company» LLC (OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON») has been dominating at the construction market for telecommunication and engineering systems of any complexity. 
The specialists of OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» perform activities relating to designing and construction of communication facilities within the Urals, Siberian and Privolzhye Federal Districts, and yet at the same time they have working experience in hard-to-reach areas of our country (Irkutsk Region, Yakutia and High North Regions).

The long-term working experience allows our company for carrying out the whole range of operations on the network infrastructure establishment of line operators and distributed infrastructure enterprises.  


  • «Integrated approach.» The best practices of OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» in performing a complete package of operations on the communication facilities design and construction allow its customers for saving not only money, but also time.
  • «Competence.» OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» is a skilled professional team. One of the priority tasks of the company policy is a systematic personnel development.  
  • «In-house facilities.» Currently, OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» has adequate resources for constructing more than 700 communication facilities per annum.
  • «Flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each customer.» Feel certain that by choosing OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» as your partner you will gain optimum alternative for solution of your tasks.
  • «Reliability.» During 15 years of its operation at the communication market OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» proved itself as a reliable and consistent partner  never disclaiming its liabilities.
  • «Quality.» The works performed by the specialists of OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Good workmanship is achieved not only by competent contractors, but also by a well-established system of internal technical control and auditing. 
  • «Timing.» The works performed in due time and to a good quality is a recipe for successful and long-term partnerships with the customer. To this end, OOO «Stroitelnaya Companiya TRON» pays much attention both in order to comply with the performance time at each construction stage and to offer its customers the best solutions every so often.